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CHESSgame 0003

CHESSgame information:

The black player made a mistake at the 11th chess step, because is better to steal the white horse (a7) with the black horse (c6). White starts with a fork between the king and tower and black lose the peasant guard for the king.

CHESSgame level:

Beginner (0-900 ELO)

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CHESSgame download file information:

Download: BLACK me 20 move LOSE 0003.pgn

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CHESSgame variants:

Not yet available!
WIN with the black stones! Please play this game from the 11th step as a black player, without to make the mistakes by king (b8) and send me your chess variant about the comment function see below. Set the white computer player level to 900 ELO as a beginner simulaion and win with the black stones. Thanks and have fun 🙂

CHESSgame source:

Visual presentation by LUCAS CHESS
Video and Music by KUNIMUS
Last site update at 22.01.2017






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